Time to end

Travelling on a train, I wondered about time,

Seemed so meaningless, clearly felt undefined.

As the train moved forward, the trees were left behind,

The moment I was savoring, becoming a memory of mind.


When I thought of defining time as an instant,

A second had already passed by.

It never stops, never holds on,

Always eager to take a fly.


So than what is past, what is present?

What holds in future? How can it be bend?

Why pain goes so unhurried?

While lovely moments seems never to last.

Our destination though seemed distant,

but every second we reach it, we pass.


The laws of physics are even more strange,

Light and gravity playing a mind game.

The more we reach the speed of light,

The more time starts going slow.

And lower the gravity,

The faster the time goes.


So as motion and time both steals my moment,

I further wonder why still light and gravity can’t be friend.

Is our whole universe an illusion of brain?

Or Is it my time to solve the end?


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